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Usually when we analyze a Swiss watchmaking house we talk about its history, its historical models, its contributions to the watchmaking mechanism over the decades, and yet, there are brands that, with hardly any tradition, have managed to carve out a niche among the watchmaking greats with unforgettable collections, Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang is perhaps the best example.

This collection brings together the most complex Hublot creations , and of course, they have the design that usually accompanies all the pieces from this characteristic Swiss watchmaking house.

The Hublot Big Bang collection, the previous step

Hublot's Big Bang collection is its flagship, a line of luxury watches that grows every year, and that shows the creativity that Hublot puts into each of its designs.

A Hublot Big Bang is a jewel, the collection has all kinds of watches, with very different designs and features. The only ones in 45 and 42 mm. They are very special watches, with the mechanism in sight and made with noble materials such as gold.

The Big Bang range also includes Hublot's collaboration with Ferrari, as well as the Meca-10, two of Hublot's most popular watch lines. Another of Big Bang Hublot's most special lines are the MP-11, watches whose main milestone is its power reserve of up to 14 days.

Sang Bleu, One Click or Paraiba are also part of the Big Bang family, a selection of mythical watches for lovers of high-end designer watchmaking.

However, Hublot set itself a challenge, to improve its Big Bang collection with more complex and luxurious watches, but without losing sight of the spirit that accompanies each of its Big Bang pieces. The answer? The brilliant Spirit of Big Bang.

Spirit of Big Bang

Spirit of Big Bang is a collection made for the most demanding dolls. The case follows the characteristic lines of Hublot, a common rectangular shape in 45 and 42 mm. However, each watch has its own design.

These are jewel watches that incorporate gold and diamonds in their case in their most exclusive designs, the King Gold Jewelery is the best example of Hublot's passion for luxury and detail.

Two of the latest additions to the brand are the Yellow Sapphire and the Blue Sapphire, two spectacular watches that we will analyze later. The collection is completed by the Moonphase line, with a lunar calendar in each of its models and two 42 mm tourbillons. that achieve unique precision.

All the models that we review below are part of the Spirit of Big Bang collection, one of the most special of the Swiss brand.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire

Available in yellow and blue, this model has a caliber HUB4700 self-winding skeleton chronograph movement, one of the most precise of the brand.

It has a power reserve of up to 50 days, sapphire crystal, it is waterproof to 50 meters and there are only 100 pieces, 200 if we add those of the blue model.

A sports model, perfect for all those who enjoy colorful and high-quality watches.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Jewelery

The brand itself highlights the meticulous perfection of this watch, a handmade model with outstanding technical characteristics.

The case is made of 18k gold, as is the bezel. The sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective treatment, accompanied by fully customizable black rubber and crocodile leather straps. The movement that keeps this watch is a caliber HUB4700 with automatic skeleton and 50 hours of march.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase King Gold White Diamonds

White gold is present in some of the best pieces in the world of watchmaking, this watch is a perfect example of the elegance and distinction that white gold achieves on a wrist.

42mm 18k gold case, accompanied by 48 diamonds and dial and sapphire crystal. The different straps that accompany this mechanism are white, and they also have an 18-carat pink gold folding clasp.

Like the rest of the pieces in the Moonphase line, this watch has a moon phase counter, a 50-day power reserve and water resistance to 100 metres.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Black

This 42mm tourbillon. It is available in both black and blue. Innovation is the word that Hublot uses to describe this model, the result of the brand's own research.

A prodigy of technique, the Carbon Black Tourbillon is limited to 100 pieces, 200 in total if we count the 100 models offered by its blue version.

The case is made of composite resin, protected by 6 H-shaped titanium screws, imitating the brand's logo. The straps are made of rubber with a ceramic closure. The movement chosen by the brand for this watch is the HUB6020 with a power reserve of 115 hours.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang 39mm Titanium Pavé

A very feminine watch in 39 mm. The 39mm series. Designed for women looking for luxury watches without sacrificing precision, the Titanium Pavé is a hand-assembled watch, including the 206 diamonds that are part of its case.

Polished titanium is the base of both the bezel and the case itself, the straps are the perfect mix of rubber and crocodile skin, with a steel folding clasp. The automatic movement is powered by the HUB1710 caliber for absolute precision.

Hublot SoBB

If you are looking for a specific model from Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang collection and you want to get it at the best price, contact online, we have different pieces that have been completely revised and have official Hublot certificates.

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