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If there is a Swiss watchmaking brand associated with the world of air piloting, it is Bell Ross , this watchmaking house has its origins in airplane measurements, over time its mechanisms have changed, but what remains unchanged is its character and its design, always inspired by high-flying measurements.

Like other brands, Bell Ross has a very recognizable iconic model, reinvented season after season, but without changing its square case screwed on the vertices.

This week we take a look at the history of Bell Ross and take a look at some of its most iconic models.

The origin of the character of the Bell Ross collection

Bell Ross was born in 1992, when a group of aeronautical engineers decided to develop wristwatches based on the traditional measuring instruments present in airplanes and aircraft.

From that moment on, the brand acquired its usual style, and from the beginning, the pieces were inspired by the instrumentation of aircraft cabins, hence its traditional square box.

In reality, it is a French watch company, however, both the headquarters and the manufacturing are in Switzerland. Bell Ross watches are used by professionals who need high-precision machines, and that also adapt to especially extreme conditions, a Bell Ross watch is one more tool for their work.

The four principles of Bell Ross design

For each design, four bases are applied, which are what mark the development of the piece, according to the brand itself, the four basic principles are based on absolute legibility, functionality, tightness in extreme situations and precision, these four principles are what allow that each Bell Ross watch achieves excellence.

    • Legibility: Aircraft measuring instruments must be extremely legible, a pilot must perceive all the data on the control panel at a glance, Bell Ross watches are also based on this maxim.
    • Functionality: Very complex clocks, but at the same time clean and easy to use. Bell Ross functionality is based on putting all the complexity of its parts into the precision of its mechanism.
    • Watertightness: As we said, these watches are designed for professionals who must work in extreme conditions, watertightness is essential so that people who work in the depths can have a quality temporary meter.
    • Precision: Its mechanical movement is a small work of art, and it is also capable of reaching levels of precision that few models achieve.

If you are looking for a truly accurate watch, Bell Ross will not disappoint you. To begin with, the brand has managed to integrate an automatic movement into a tiny space, creating a precise and reliable movement, based on several hundred parts that are set in motion thanks to the movement of the wrist itself.

As we saw, one of the main commitments of Bell Ross is precision, thanks to the mechanisms included in their watches you can be sure that you hardly have to worry about setting the time on your Bell Ross.

To protect it, the box of its main models has a watertightness of up to 1,000 meters, much higher than the usual models that guarantee a watertightness of between 150 and 300 meters. To complete the underwater resistance of the Bell Ross, they incorporate Hydromax, a hydraulic fluid that counteracts the effects of high pressures.

In general, and due to their mechanism, Bell Ross watches are considered professional watches, however, their technical features and curious designs make them very special for collectors and as everyday watches.

The five Bell Ross collections

Actually, Bell Ross pieces are grouped into more lines, but all of them can be divided into five major collections based on their characteristics, they are as follows.


The BR V1, BR V2 and BR V3 models are part of the brand's vintage collection.

These watches are very different from the traditional proposals of Bell Ross, to begin with, they have a round case, far from the square case of the rest of the models, in addition, their design is usually more complex than the Experimental and Instruments lines.

These watches have a strong vintage inspiration, but without losing sight of their strong sporty character.


These are the pieces that make up the Experimental line. Some of the most exclusive pieces of the brand are part of these two collections, with very different models in appearance, but all of them united by the most resistant design and materials.

The BR-X1 collection is renewed every season, offering new designs based on the square screw-down case.

BR 01, 03, S

These three collections follow the same line, being the best known of Bell Ross. This collection includes the mythical skull models.

If you are looking for a classic Bell Ross, these three collections are the ones that contain the classics of the watchmaker.

BR 03 Diver

These are the models manufactured especially for underwater tasks. Obviously, they are the ones that achieve greater sealing, also integrating a rotating bezel to measure times, framed in a square case.

BR 05

In this collection the vertices of the case are softened, in addition, the base of these pieces is steel, except in the gold models.

It is about the renewal of Bell Ross, watches that anticipate what the brand will be in the coming decades.

Bell Ross has managed to find and maintain a very characteristic design. Like Hublot, they have not needed to carry decades of watchmaking tradition to position themselves among the Swiss reference manufacturers, in just 25 years they have managed to find their place based on technical excellence and a very marked design line.

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