Who Made the World First in WoW TBC Classic

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The first raid has been completely eliminated in World of Warcraft TBC Classic

The first raid has been completely eliminated in World of Warcraft TBC Classic - just one day after its release. Some bosses really annoyed players in the past and persisted for several weeks.

Who Made the World First? The guild progress from the European Union server Firemaw mastered the Karazhan raid on the night of June 2nd to 3rd, and the last raid force was missing. This makes them the first guild to complete all three raids in the first phase of TBC Classic.

Progress has emptied Gruul's lair and Magtheridon's room in the afternoon and evening of June 2. The guild player is also the first person at level 70, although the method is boring.

However, they could not claim the first killing of Gruul, it went to the Guild of the Apes. APES has completed the first kill of Ragnaros in the "World of Warcraft" retro server.

how did you do it? Many Progress players quickly promote themselves to the highest level through "dungeon spam". However, not all players reached level 70 when they first launched a raid.

This is how they entered the raid before-except for Karazhan, this is the easiest and best of the three raids, however, you must reach level 70. This is why Progress first conducts the other two raids, then upgrades them and goes to dungeons to get better equipment.

Competitor APES is still fighting Gruul because too many players are not at level 70 or near, so the first boss in the hideout is disturbing them.

In World of Warcraft nostalgia, Naxxramas' progress reached the world's number one in less than 90 minutes. For Blackwing Lair, they finally won a joint first place.

Magtheridon used to withstand 40 days

The guild killed the final leader, Prince Malchizar (via warcraftlogs.com) shortly after midnight on June 3rd, German time. It only took them about 24 hours to finish the entire PvE content of the first stage-including the levels.

In the past, it took longer for the guild to do this. The professional guild Method collected the time of the world's first kill in its archives (via method.gg). The boss at that time lived longer:

    Karazhan: 12 days after release (Secret Boss Nightcrawler should be there, not Prince Marcezar)
    Guru: 19 days
    Magtheridone: 40 days-last 6 weeks

Why is it so fast? One of the reasons all of this is happening faster today is that WoW Classic TBC Gold players know more about what to do. Over the years, professionals have been able to gain experience and now know exactly how to reach the highest level or pass a raid as quickly as possible.

According to today's standards, the raids of Classic and TBC are not necessarily demanding, but at the time almost no one knew how the mechanism worked. Nevertheless, 24 hours is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations, progress! It remains to be seen how they manage the upcoming content, because some of TBC’s bosses are the toughest in history. Keep in mind that buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold when you need them.